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Friday 9/8/2002

Shaper is proceeding along nicely. I now work as a professional game programmer so the time I have to devote to Yellow Software has been reduced. That said, I plan to release an alpha version of Shaper in December. Initially it shall only support the Torque engine, support for other engines shall follow soon after.

Sunday 12/5/2002

A Shaper (next project) page is now accessible through the Projects page. Nothing much there at the moment other than a screen shot and web access to the CVS respository.

Friday 10/5/2002

Volume War version 0.92 is up. I have added a GUI installer and tweaked various things such as camera motion. At the moment I am actively looking for a 2D artist to fix up my rather poor effort at drawing the weapon icons. Let me know if you are interested.

Saturday 6/4/2002

Volume War version 0.91 is up. I found a major bug in version 0.90 that I have fixed in version 0.91. This bug would have caused a crash when entering a game on some systems. At this point the only thing left to do is tweak things in order to maximise the quality of the game.

I am starting to work on my next project. It is going to be a low polygon 3D modelling tool specifically targetted toward game character modelling (Quake 3, Half Life, etc). I shall be releasing version 0.10 of this project as opposed to version 0.80, which was the case with Volume War. There shall be a Linux, Mac and Windows version.

Thursday 14/3/2002

Volume War version 0.89 is now up. Fixed some errors and added some content. Basic explosion particles have been added. Once again feedback welcome.

Saturday 9/3/2002

Volume War version 0.87 is now up. All the gameplay functionality is now finished so I am keen to get some feedback. The tutorial, which is now complete, indicates how I have intended the game to be played. Over the coming week I shall be fixing a couple of bugs, adding some special effects (particles for the explosions for example) and tweaking things to improve the all important fun factor. Of couse this is all dependent on the amount of spare time I find.

I have also updated the Volume War page and added forums.

Sunday 3/3/2002

Volume War source code is now up along with version 0.85. Fixed a bunch of problems, added some more content and implemented some basic AI.

Wednesday 27/2/2002

It begins.

I have uploaded version 0.8 of Volume War (in Projects section), I would really appreciate it if you could download it and tell me what you think. At this point there is no AI, not all of the weapons are functional, level content is not finished, sound content is not finished and various other things still need to be completed. I shall be uploading another release on Sunday. Depending on how much time I have to devote to the project over the coming days I am hoping the next release will be 0.9.

I will upload the source code on Sunday as well.